Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Started Tweeting again..

Lets see how long it goes...

Last time felt boar so didnt used it..

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The last day in Quatrro

Finally, I made my mind to resign from Quatrro.  I will really miss my old buddies.. managers and BASADBAAZ Techies... after all, they complete the Quatrro.

Life never stops.. so, I am looking forward for new challenges

At the end, I would really like to thanks everyone from Quatrro for being supporting ..kind with me....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Cuda Day - SuperLoiLoScope

The CUDA Day.

Cuda (Compute Unified Device Architecture) is computing engine by NVIDIA. What I understand after searching for CUDA is it enable developers to develop applications which will utilities GPU.

As today is CUDA DAY, so, we gonna do some video editing. My sister is champ on this and but she will take over it later. First, I m going to get my hands dirty...

I have many different video editing software but we prefer Adobe Premier as it is very professional and has tons of features. But, as today is CUDA day, I m going to stick to apps which is CUDA enable.

First, I took SuperLoiLoScope. The installation was over the internet and was very easy.

At first glance, its interface looks similar to Apple iphone. That what I feel about it. You can move and drag your images and you will feel like working on iphone. It was time to check how fast this application works. I used the HD video comes with Windows 7, Wildlife.wmv . I tried to play the video at different speed. Till 4X, it was working fine, but at 8X the CPU usage touched 100%.

Like other video editing software, it uses a workspace. You can add videos, sounds and pictures to your workspace. Also, text can be added. While editing video, you can set In an Out pointer, take snapshot and stuff which are available in I guess every software of this kind. Now here a deal, the best part about this software (which I like most) is its very easy to use. A novice can operate it without any problem.

It has limited but good effects and you can apply and preview It real-time.

Finally, you can either convert the file to available formats and save them on your hard drive, Upload it to Youtube or you can export it for a device like DVD, ipod or mobile 3gp.

Device Export

Export to File

Upload to Youtube

I tried to save the 30 sec 25 MB HD video to mp4 format.

The output file was 32.9 MB and it took 27 secs to convert and save the file. However, if you see the screenshot above, the CPU usage was high. First, it was already an HD video and I converted to mp4 after doing nasty editing.

Overall, the software is worth works great with Nvidia GPU.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Graphical New Year

First of all, Happy New year to all the readers (if there is anyone except me). This is my first post of this year.

As you already know how creating I am, I applied in a contest couple of weeks back (Best Tech Family) with Digit and got shortlisted. The shortlisted family will get Zotac GeForce GT 240 card free. They need to test it and send the reviews, the best family will get Zotac PC free.

So, taking my new year gift, I reviewed the card.

Zotac GeForce GT 240


Digit’s Technician installed Geforce GT 240 Graphic card on my computer. I want to be honest here, at first, it looks like ordinary graphic card, however, this card is killer of high end graphical games. It is from one of the premium nVIDIA card manufacturer ZOTAC. The new Zotac GeForce 240 has 512 MB memory.

Of course, you cannot compare it with high end cards from nvidia, however, this is graphic card is for one who wants to get good (or I should say) better in low price.
This card is 3D card, and what I understand by it as it near furture, (or may be it already started) we will have 3D movies like Avatar on DVD or Blueray which we can watch it on our PC’s. It sounds strange but this card make this true. Along with the drivers, the cards comes with some great software’s like vReveal , Badaboom and 3D video player (I’ll tell you the functions later). Also, it has 3D Vision Glasses which can be used to watch 3D movies.

After installed the card, drives and Demo software’s which came with this card, Digit’s Tech shown me couple of 3D images. It was my first time watching 3D images on my computer. I was under impression that we need some special screens and devices for that. Then, he also shown me couple of 3D videos and I can’t express how I was feeling after watching those.

Now it was time to get my hands dirty with this. Let me tell you, that before installing this card, I was using on-board graphics, so I really want to check how well this GPU performs. Nothing is better than a game to test the graphic card, so I ran Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Box. When I was playing the game, I used to take ages to load, and I always get sound first and then video later, so I was not astonished to see that the speed really improved well as I was expecting this from card like this, however, what I was not expecting is the Quality. IT DRASTICALLY improved. But, when I tried to play the game, the colors were distorted. I used the 3D glass provided with the card, and you will not believe me, the card has turn the game into 3D. I really cannot tell you how great it feels. Imagine, watching a 3D movie and playing a 3D game. The best part was while playing, when I hit something with my car the thing appears on the screen like it will hit me. Such a great experience I had.

The card has started fight in my family. Everyone wanna use my PC to testing this new baby.

My sister Archana, it good at video and picture editing. She creating. She follow the Airtel’s New Ad “Impatient is new tread”. She is very impatient while creating things and always ask me to get a good graphic card as it takes ages to encode or decode a video clip. Also, we can’t do anything as computer use full CPU and if you try to use PC, it will freeze the whole system and you have to start everything from scratch.
To edit the videos, she used the software came with the card “vReveal” . This software has some great feature missing in some professional series software’s. The first test was to make change and preview the video in GPU mode so see how much memory and CPU it takes.

It was absolute normal (screenshot above) however when we used it with GPU off, the system usage crossed 98% (screenshot below)

I am going to play NFS with the new 3D mode. This card is exceeding my expectation.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Microsoft Office !!! Nightmare..

Sometimes I wonder if Microsoft has any software which is error free.. Ofcourse, I like Wireless Zero Configuration and would say that it only tool I came across created by Microsoft on which I can trust...

The whole day I was fixing Micosoft Office issues and when I came home, and clicked on my new Outlook 2010 icon, boom, "Application Not Found"

Image .. how I m feeling.. after 8 longs hours .. troubleshooting MS OFFICE... and now... at my system.. doing same thing....

As life never stop... so do my troubleshooting.. Installing Office again.. hope this time it will work for while.. :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Chrome OS .. Post Test

Finally.. after lots of configuration changes i had made in VMware to mount Chrome virtual disk,  it worked and i used for a while..

I would like to say.. first .. its FAST... no doubts on it.. but there is a reason behind it..

Chrome OS is a BROWSER... or.. in other words, everything you see in running on browser..

As of now, it seems that it only meant for Netbook

To Start with, it will ask you to put your username and password... ""Which is your Gmail ID and password""

Welcome Screen

Sign IN

Chromium Version

The Apps loaded with Chrome OS

The worst part.. Cant set to Indian Time Zone "GMT +5:30"

While the concept of Cloud Computing is new and Great!.. I m not sure how far it will go..

Even if you ask me.. I like the way they are dealing with data.. for example.. you open a notepad to write a note.. and the note saved on Google Docs... So.. the information is available anytime ... anywhere..

Now, here is the deal.. everything is shiny... and looks great.. but we are in India.. people still struggle to get good internet speed.. I am not sure that an OS which is purely based on Internet will take us where??? but as things are changing.. and even Rohit got a dial -up connection.. i hope this could be it... its too early to comment..

It was VMware image I used.. which seems to be very slow also freezes sometimes.. so, i m gonna download the USB image and test it again..

I am still trying to figure out how to SHUT DOWN computer.. :)

Chrome OS

Boarded... downloaded SAW 6 while creating IMT assignments.. no new emails.. no scraps on orkut.. on new post on Facebook.. then finally.. after some search... got a link to download google chrome os.. very excited to try it.. cant wait to get my hands dirty on it.. its 313 mb file and works with VMware... while downloading.. i also seen preview video.. and its not more than an OS with intregated google apps..